Prenuptial Agreements

A Prenuptial Agreement (also known commonly as a “PreNup”) is an agreement or arrangement made mutually between parties before getting married. The PreNup sets out the terms regarding most ancillary matters in the event of a divorce, for example, the division of matrimonial assets, child custody and even the upbringing of any children. It is important to consult with a prenuptial agreement lawyer to ensure that the agreement is legally binding and protects the rights and interests of both parties.

Even though it is an agreement, the Family Courts will rely on the prenuptial agreement as a persuasive tool during the divorce proceedings. A prenuptial agreement lawyer can help ensure that the terms of the prenup are clear and enforceable. The Prenuptial agreement is not enforceable in Singapore, although it will be used to determine the intentions of both parties before entering the marriage. Ultimately, the Courts will make the necessary provisions for any children of the marriage as they see fit.

Having a prenuptial agreement in place can provide peace of mind and protection for both parties. With the help of a prenuptial agreement lawyer, individuals can be sure that their financial future is secure, no matter what the future may hold.

Some examples include:

  • Protect spouses from each other’s debts
  • Protecting Family heirlooms
  • Protecting assets that you own before marriage